Wise Money Transfer, lowest currency exchange/transfer fees, Much Cheaper than your Bank/Paypal/etc!

Posted by – May 21, 2023
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Signup for free at https://wise.charbax.com Support my Channel by clicking my link before you sign up for Wise!

– I save probably over $1000 per year by using Wise for all my debit card payments when traveling and for sending and receiving money from abroad.

– It’s free to sign up! It’s easy to do international payments and amazing to receive quick payments from USD/EUR/GBP/AUS/SING and other with such low currency exchange money transfer fee.

You can register for free from 50+ countries, check them out on Wise’s website linked via my affiliate link https://wise.charbax.com

They also have a $50 one time Business account sign up for integrations with salary/tax and customer payment systems, API and etc.

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