Houny Battery Portable Power Stations, Car batteries and more at Hong Kong fair

Posted by – April 24, 2023
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Jerman from Shenzhen Houny Battery Co Ltd http://www.hounypower.com introduces us to Houny Factory, a factory that has been manufacturing portable power stations since 1999. The main product of the factory is a portable power station, which is available in different capacities ranging from 300 watts to 3000 watts. Jerman from Houny shows us the portable power stations of various capacities, and we learn that the factory also works with big brands like Honda and carries four for their products. The portable power stations have competitive prices, with the smallest one priced at around $110. The factory has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for their products, which is available upon request.

Jerman from Houny also shows us a new arrival portable power station, which has a capacity of 250 watts and features an aluminum LED outer case with a digital display. It is slightly more expensive than the smallest portable power station but has more features. There is also a bigger portable power station with a capacity of 750 watts, which is almost double the capacity of the smallest portable power station. It is also cost-effective, but the price is slightly higher. The most premium portable power station in the market has a capacity of up to 3000 watts and comes with a premium river sickness outer case.

Apart from portable power stations, Houny Factory also produces car batteries with lithium technology, which has the advantage of being more powerful and eco-friendly. Lithium batteries can be used for up to ten years, while AC batteries can only be used for two to three years. The factory also produces portable solar panels that are available in 200 watts capacity and can be used with the portable power stations.

In addition to their products, Jerman from Houny also shows us the logos of their distributor partners. The factory produces low power banks and their most popular power bank is priced at around $3 for 2000mAh. Finally, Jerman from Houny jokes about a coffee machine that is powered by a battery, but the factory does not produce it. The video concludes with a discussion on the importance of green technology for a smart and green future.

filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong

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