Primebook: Low cost 4G Android laptop made by Emdoor

Posted by – April 23, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Chittu from Primebook introduce the Primebook laptop, a new kind of laptop for education, especially for developing nations. Filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong. They have built an Android-based operating system with a complete desktop experience. They explain that globally, there are 1.5 billion students, out of which 750 million students have not even seen a PC, and after COVID, this market has accelerated, as every student now wants a laptop. They chose an ARM-based CPU, the MediaTek MT8788, which has built-in 4G connectivity, especially for developing nations, where Wi-Fi penetration is low, and 4G is everywhere, and data has become cheap. Their target countries are India, Africa, South America, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The operating system is Prime OS, and the browser is Prime Browser. This is a complete desktop browser, and the multi-window framework allows the end user to do multitasking on an Android machine. The user can use all existing smartphone apps in a desktop experience. The laptop has a full-size USB, two USB ports, one Mini HDMI, DC in, type C, audio jack, MicroSD, and SIM card slot. The battery life is up to eight hours, and the optimization of price and performance is the core thought. The display is IPS, and the size is 11.6 inches, with a resolution of 720p.