BeST Berliner Sensortechnik Internet of Things Device for High-Speed Trains Wastewater Monitoring

Posted by – April 1, 2023
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Oliver Völckers from BeST Berliner Sensortechnik introduces their latest product: a device that uses the Internet of Things to monitor wastewater in high-speed trains in Germany. The device is designed to check for flow, and it’s equipped with a pattern recognition system that can detect irregularities. The sensor is a probe inside the device, which has a battery life of more than three months and uses a Nordic NRF 9160 chip with integrated wireless. The device is waterproof and shockproof, and there are currently 40 of them in use for over a year. Oliver explains that their system is unique and not like any other flow meters because it works with wastewater, which is challenging to detect. He also mentions that they have their own pattern recognition software that they built themselves, making it a reliable and strict system. (chatgpt generated paragraph based on auto subtitle)

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This video shows an Internet of Things (IoT) device that is used to monitor wastewater on high-speed trains. The device is developed and produced by Berliner Android Technik, a company based in Berlin, Germany.

The device is installed in the wastewater tanks of high-speed trains. It monitors the flow of wastewater and sends an alert if there is a problem. The alert is sent to a central server, where it is monitored by Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company.

The device uses a Nordic NRF 9160 chip, which is a powerful and energy-efficient ARM chip. The chip is integrated with LTE and nBIOT wireless technology, which allows the device to send data to the central server in real time.

The device also has an NFC reader, which can detect the number of the sensor, the number of the tank, and the train. This information is used to identify the problem and to take corrective action.

The device is powered by a battery that has a life of more than three months. The battery is replaced when it is empty.

The device is shockproof and waterproof. It is also permanent and cannot be dismounted in order to charge it.

This device is a new and innovative way to monitor wastewater on high-speed trains. It is reliable and has a long battery life. It is also shockproof and waterproof. This device is a valuable tool for Deutsche Bahn, as it helps to ensure the safety of passengers and the environment.

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