SoftPV 1mm sized spherical solar cell SOFTCELL at MWC 2023 #mwc23

Posted by – March 3, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

SOFTPV developed 1mm sized spherical solar cell, SOFTCELL, as an electronical component for the first time in the world and received 2021 CES innovation award. In the following year, the tree-shaped solar power plant, SOLTRIA, was awarded with 2022 CES Innovation Award and 2022 EDISON Award. By solving the intrinsic problem of conventional solar power system with two-dimensional structure, we now move on to the next step to provide the energy independent smart space solution and realize the future with applicable sustainable energy solution that is not limited by the energy infrastructure. We now present Tree-shaped solar power plant, SOLTRIA, to remove communication shadow area problem in telecom industry.