$1120 the ONE Smart Piano and $269 Smart Piano Light Keyboard, 61-Key Portable Keyboard, Electric MIDI Keyboard/Hi-Lite and Start playing Music in minutes.

Posted by – June 11, 2020
Category: Exclusive videos, CES

The One Music Group introduced Smart Piano and Smart Piano Light keyboard for Playing music in minutes. Piano Hi-Lite is the first plug-and-play LED strip that can help anyone start playing piano in minutes. Fits any standard 88-keys . Installation free app with 3,000+songs .Ideal for beginners, returners, and advanced players.  Learning technique validated by 200,000+ users worldwide (3-79 age range). Specification: Led Lights Just follow the lights, it will wait until you to hit the right key before processed to then next. Hammer Action Keys. Powerful apps, Surrounded Sound Speakers: Click auto play mode and let music to start playing for you. Hundred of Timbers : Chooses from 128 GM-programmed timbers and 4 drums sets. MIDI supported Connect to play with your other favorite MIDI apps. Supported with IOS9.0+ and android 4.4. https://www.smartpiano.com/pages/smart-piano
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