faytech latest Product Series overview, Optically Bonded Industrial Touchscreen Devices EASY Shopper

Posted by – February 3, 2020

After doing the awesome factory tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh3874Bxv1o Arne Weber, managing founder of faytech, provides this product series feature tour. The topics range from the optical bonding technology and progress in software development all the way to the new i5-Core product series and EASY Shopper. Arne explains all the details of faytech’s touch devices and why his quality outmatches all competitor. More info on Optical Bonding: https://www.faytech.com/news/newsitem/news/introducing-purebond-optical-bonding/
More info on the EASY Shopper: https://www.faytech.com/news/newsitem/news/introducing-the-easy-shopperr/
More info on the i5-touchschreen PC series: https://www.faytech.com/news/newsitem/news/the-next-generation-i5-core-touch-pc-series/
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