An HR Story: Hiring at Classic Stripes: A unique Culture!

Posted by – December 7, 2019

To create a global organisation that would create state of the art products in the field Of Printed Flexible Electronics, it’s necessary to create a culture that was very far away from cultures dictated by management science. This means it has to be a culture that is not based upon the tenets of cooperation or performance management. So they do away with Performance appraisals and meetings. They bring in a culture based upon on 3 tenets: Entrepreneurship: Circle of Accountability, Execution: My Word, and Collaboration: Taking a stand for others’ success without expecting anything in return.

Collaboration is the opposite of cooperation. Cooperation is a barter system because human beings expect something when they cooperate with each other. Collaboration is different as there are no expectations when one collaborates. In classic stripes they all take an objective which is someone else’s who is of a completely different department or division of the one they’re at. And they work hard to help them achieve the same without expecting anything in return! That is Classic Stripes DNA!

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Filmed at IDTechEx Show! USA 2019