Nano OPS prints nano/microelectronics 100x cheaper, 1000x smaller, 1000x faster

Posted by – December 3, 2019

Nano OPS, Inc. presents a disruptive technology for printing nano and microelectronics that will forever change the electronics and sensors landscape. Nano OPS, Inc. manufactures and markets two product lines:
Fully automated printer systems for printing micro and nanoscale devices with integrated alignment and registration; annealing and inspection.
Printed wireless sensor system technology that could be chemical or bio; in addition to temperature, humidity, and other environmental sensors their technology enables printing of micro and nanoscale electronics and sensors (down to 20nm). Prints electronics with a cost saving of 10 to 100 times Prints on any rigid or flexible flat surface.
Prints at ambient temperature and pressure.
Prints using any conductive, semiconducting or insulating materials.
Their fully automated printing systems include integrated registration and alignment; annealing and inspection New printed wireless sensor system technology.
Patented new printed chemical and biosensor technology.

Filmed at IDTechEx Show! USA 2019