SunRay Scientific interconnects, silver inks, epoxies, Anisotropic Conductive Epoxies ZTACH ACE

Posted by – December 2, 2019

SunRay Scientific is a US-based provider of novel interconnect solutions for the microelectronics industry. SunRay has a successful history of developing advanced conductive silver inks, epoxies, encapsulants as well as unique Anisotropic Conductive Epoxies called ZTACH® ACE. Primary benefits of ZTACH® ACE include superior
adhesion to flexible and rigid substrates, low-temperature cure (70º C), multi-component
attach, thermal dissipation, no pressure required and fine pitch capability. SunRay
Scientific has a proven track record in providing interconnect solutions for difficult
applications such as flexible hybrid electronics, flip-chip attach, 3D stacking, printed
electronics and fine pitch microelectronics. By partnering with SunRay Scientific, you
will gain access to a team of experts, sophisticated assembly and manufacturing as well
as customized solutions to address your challenging and complex interconnect needs.