BILIANA K. Invest in Data as Art – Data Quantification Prototype Presentation at IDTechEx Show!

Posted by – December 2, 2019

Biliana K makes unique digital assets in a format of Quantified Data as Art in tangible and virtual objects.
She uses data to quantify the human experience as digital gold (an unique asset as Art) that is non duplicable, non replicable data set as Quantified Data: Data as private property. Not for analysis and decision making services. She wants to establish an ownership of Data as Art.
The Data Behind the Art
Your Data, genuine and authentic to each person, will be transformed into pure Art Work, where desire and necessity to transcend reality, inhabit this virtual and physical artefact of Quantified Data. So you can leave with it, so it can last forever and remains relevant for the future people that will leave around it.
Combining COMPUTING and MEMORY, Biliana K. creates and unique Art Work from the personal Data of each individual and the memory that it encapsulates at each individual moment in time.
Each Art Work is containing different aspects of what makes as humans, emotions, thoughts, desires. The personal data contains all these different aspects of human existence and experience, being captured at any given time.
The Art Work is the fusion of the Physical Self (Body, environment parameters) Digital Self (Data parameters) and Human Self (emotional parameters).

Filmed at IDTechEx USA 2019