Pretech Yottafun MPen Smart Pen, Smart Writing Pad, for iOS, Windows, Android

Posted by – November 15, 2019

Smart Writing Set

Complex formula, trivial record, optional doodle, or whatever you create on the paper can easily converted to a digital storage in real time without taking a photo, scanning documents, or uploading files.Eink can not only save resources, improve your productivity, but also better edit and share your creations.

Original Handwriting

Professional touch IC,

it provides the HD resolution of 1510* 1080

1024 level pressure sensor,

Any power on the pen point can be judged precisely,

which helps to restore handwriting characteristics completely

Exclusive handwriting optimization algorithm,

Each of your handwriting tracks will be calculated accurately

All of this are to make sure that the digital copy is identical to the handwriting

Off-line storage, edit easily

Off-line mode:

100 pages of A5 content can stored in smart pad in Off-line mode, press one button to sync when pairing, you don’t need to worry about losing your notes anymore.

On-line mode:

Every handwriting dynamic can presented on the App in on-line mode clearly, which helps you make presentation, record micro class or give a speech conveniently

Write with pen on any paper
Smart pad has no proprietary accessories.

It uses universal D1 refill and general paper, so that you can replace it anytime, anywhere freely.

Different color for different situation
Eink supports two pens of different color, you can use the red one to comment easily while using the black one to take notes. it can improve your working efficiency and make your notes more clearly.

Convert your handwriting to text
Use Eink cloud recognize for free to convert your handwriting notes to text, intuitively tag your ideas on paper, or export them as TXT format and edit it on the computer. Eink not only bring a new way to input, but also bridge the divide between the computer and the paper notebook.

Multi-format export, Share on any platform
The digital copy can be exported as JPG, PNG, PDF and other formats, which meet different needs on different situations;

Creations can be shared on QQ, Wechat, FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp、Evernote and other platform.

Ultra-long Standby Time

Large capacity battery of 800mAh,
Smart pad can works continuously for more than 20 hours,
Standby time exceed 15 days

Exclusive sleep awakens function,
Close the sheath and your Smart pad automatically goes to sleep , Open it and it wakes up. No one milliampere power will be wasted.

The versatile Mpen is your best choice.

Bring your ideas into reality.
While it resembles a classic writing tool, Mpen is so much more. Whether you are marking up a complex document, designing a car onsite, or retouching layer in a photo, you get an astonishing selection of tools in a single instrument. Mpen can help you to use every pixel to create a rich and colorful effect, especially when you need pixel-perfect precision. You can use it to make industrial drawings, or to add fine brushstrokes to a portrait.

Creating never be easier like now.
Mpen can help you to take notes and outline ideas, just like writing on the paper. You can add handwriting or painting beside the text, and also use the focus function to search handwriting notes. you can use Mpen not only to create songs, animated short films, take notes, but also to draw CAD. In addition, there are many excellent apps on Windows that can help you deal with more transactions. Such as OneNote, Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Sketchable, Bluebeam Revu, Drawboard, Staffpad.

Leave your mark on pictures,documents and more

You can use Mpen to add comments on PDF files, photos, web pages and the screenshot that you want to mark.

At the same time, you can also outline the PPT directly to enrich your speech.