BILIANA K. at IDTechEx Show Berlin 2019 Quantification of Data as Art Work

Posted by – October 28, 2019
Category: IDTechEx

The process of Quantification of Data, created by Biliana K. is an Unique Artistic Concept, that transforms any ordinary Data Input, into new state of the matter, as Digital Mass, by introducing the Digital Mass Particles, that literally attributes Mass and Energy to Data. BILIANA K. introducing the process of Data Quantification as unique Artistic concept, at IDTechExShow, Berlin 2019, the core of powerful new Technology that transforms #Your_Data_As_Art_Work. For the first time an Artistic Concept generates a pure technological artifact with unique technical characteristics and parameters as Mass, Digital Mass Particles, Object, Energy, combined with unique poetical and Human Dimensions, as the Constant A, The Artist, that generates the uniqueness of the process of Data Quantification and the impossibility to be replicated and reproduced. The process of Data Quantification and the resulted unique Art Work, aims at delivering to people an unique personal product, with which you can develop affinity and ultimately fall in LOVE. Powerful Artistic concept that gives birth to a new potent technology, in order to generate a technological artefact with pure poetic dimension. Nothing is accidental.
Your Data As Art Work is the mission of BILIANA K. Your Data, genuine and authentic to each person, will be transformed into pure Art Work, where desire and necessity to transcend reality, inhabit this virtual and physical artefact of Quantified Data. So you can leave with it, so it can last forever and remains relevant for the future people that will leave around it. NON REPLICABLE APPROACH Combining COMPUTING and MEMORY, Biliana K. creates and unique ArtWork from the personal Data of each individual and the memory that it encapsulates at each individual moment in time. Each Art Work is containing different aspects of what makes as humans, emotions, thoughts, desires. The personal data contains all these different aspects of human existence and experience, being captured at any given time. With humans, perhaps what’s uniqueness we have is self-awareness, we are able to reflect on our own awareness. By the actual fact of commissioning an Art Work from Biliana K, and entrusting me with your Data, you exercise the ultimate human act of self awareness, ultimately empowering and exercising the ultimate human experience of transcending your own reality, independently of where you are, who you are, old or young, reach or pure, educated or not, gender, race. The Art Work is the fusion of the Physical Self (Body, environment parameters) Digital Self (Data parameters) and Human Self (emotional parameters) Technology had always had to serve a practical purpose. As far as Art was part of it, it was and it is, in a terms of design, functionality and purposes. Art however, is making sense exactly because it has no practical purpose. Deconstructing and taking out of context reality it where the magic of transcendence of reality takes place. Because of the ultimate peculiar nature of Data, as almost immaterial Substance, it actually caries within the possibilities of fundamentally different perspective and reading of reality. From Art point of you it is the perfect entity to use if you want to make absurdly unique objects/ArtWork
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