ULED XD vs OLED, 4K, 8K, Black Levels, Contrast, Colors, Quantum Dots, with Paul Gray, IHS Markit

Posted by – September 11, 2019

Paul Gray, display analyst at IHS Markit, offer us a state of the display industry overview, as Hisense shows their amazing 8K Dual Layer LCD technology, featuring Nanosys Quantum Dots for amazing color, amazing HDR performance, with potentially better performance, higher nits brigthness then OLED and potentially much cheaper. The Hisense 65″ Dual Layer LCD currently sells at about $2500 (less then 20,000rmb) in China. Pricing of these UPED XD could woon get much lower, with 75″ ULED XD 8K hopefully comming to the market at below $3000 next year.