DTCO Blockchain for Healthcare phrOS Operating System

Posted by – October 20, 2018

DTCO (Digital Treasury Corporation) consisting of blockchain experts along with professionals from the fields of finance, ICT, and biopharma industries. DTCO serves as a bridge between business and blockchain for wide range of applications including biopharma, healthcare, e-identity and crypto finance. Through industry collaborations, we are confident blockchain technology can bring great value to society. phrOS https://phros.io is a blockchain operating system designed for the healthcare industry. By integrating the blockchain technology and using the distributed database architecture, the system allows hospitals, care providers, medical device developers, App developers, financial companies and big data analysts to jointly create ecosystem applications for areas such as personal health records, data lakes, disease prediction and monitoring, precision medicine R&D, automatic insurance reimbursement, online health management, long-distance care, clinical data analysis, etc To allow everyone in the society to enjoy the healthcare block chain services and own personal health records which can be accessed worldwide so as to create a healthy and civilized new society. To allow every doctor and researcher to make medical advance by using block chain services and data lakes. To solve the problem of privacy, data security and interoperability, and to promote healthcare industry collaboration. (text by flatslap5657 of Fiverr)

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