Broadbit battery update: Revolutionary sodium-based green battery technology

Posted by – July 25, 2018

BroadBit has developed a novel low-cost, high-performance, robust, eco-friendly, scalable sodium chloride (table salt) battery technology. BroadBit is commercializing the technology for applications in electric vehicles, portable electronics and grid stabilization. In addition to sodium chloride, the other key ingredients of the battery are cheap and abundant silicon oxide (sand), carbon (coal) and sulfur (waste product of petrolium refining). BroadBit believes that, with its innovations, it can grow the rechargeable battery market from today’s 60B$ to greater than 1T$ in the coming decade.

Compared to Li-ion, BroadBit offers:
– 50% higher energy stored per unit cost
– 25% higher energy per unit weight
– Better environmental friendliness, scalability and sustainability
– Simpler manufacturing than Lithium-ion (fewer steps, no need for inert environment)
– Higher Safety (no flammable electrolyte and reduced risk of shorting)
– Improved robustness:
– can withstand rapid temperature cycling between -20 and +60 C,
– can be repeatedly fully discharged and restarted without damage,
– can be safely overcharged without explosion or damage and
– are non-flamable

Interviewed at the IDTechEx Show! USA: