Stevie Bathiche, Head of Microsoft Applied Sciences

Posted by – July 12, 2018

Sri Peruvemba Executive Board Member and Chair of Marketing for SID interviews Stevie Bathiche Head of Microsoft Applied Sciences and a sponsor of the Women in Technology Conference at the Society for Information Display SID Display Week 2018, the world’s largest exhibition for electronic information display technology. Stevie Bathiche said the current products Microsoft is creating is a reflection of people that make them. Bathiche went onto state that the products come from a viewpoint of diversity and inclusion. The most recent product is a modular large screen interaction that has a pen and touch of a tablet in a large screen. The product is about collaboration and interaction. Peruvemba indicated that the products have come along way. Bathiche says that he comes back to SID because of the community and to see the cutting edge technology of the display industry in the future and looks forward to future conferences.