Merck XtraBright transmission, XtraBoost reliability, XtraBrilliant contrast, Livilux OLED materials

Posted by – July 11, 2018

Merck KGaA shows off its latest and greatest innovations at Display Week 2018 in L.A., the world’s largest exhibition for electronic information display technology. The company, established in 1668, showcases its display solutions portfolio using the slogan, ‘Power to the Pixel.’ Merck also debuts new high-performance liquid crystal (LC) singles, called XtraBright (for transmission), XtraBoost (for reliability) and XtraBrilliant (for contrast). Merck KGaA is currently developing OLED materials under the Livilux brand name for vacuum evaporation methods or printing processes. And beyond displays, Merck KGaA is developing new apps for liquid crystal such as their liquid crystal window technology.