19GB/s SSD by Western Digital (Black NVMe), WD MyPassport SSD, portable SSD and more

Posted by – June 26, 2018

Western Digital shows their up to 1TB Western Digital Black NVMe SSD storage that can combine 8 of them through two PCI-e splitters to reach up to 19 Gigabytes per second storage speed. Sandisk and WD and Sandisk branded portable SSDs at up to 550MB/s bandwidth. Thunderbolt based portable SSD with up to 2.8GB/s bandwidth. Up to 2TB WD MyPassport SSD to backup SD cards remotely to the built-in SSD with up to 390MB/s bandwidth. Up to 7.8TB desktop SSD drive. WD Black hard drives can do somewhere around up to 250MB/s bandwidth and SSDs can go 10x faster or more. For their UHS-2 SD card at 300MB/s they still only have up to 128GB capacity only. Rockchip RK3188-T on a Beagleboard.