microLED, 5000ppi, brightest display in the world (1 million nits) by Jade Bird Display (JBD)

Posted by – June 22, 2018

Hong Kong Beida Jade Bird Display (JBD) received an honorable mention from I-Zone judges for its active-matrix microLED display with 5,000 pixels per inch and over 1 million nits of brightness. JBD develops next-gen inorganic material-based microLED microdisplays using its unique wafer-scale, monolithic hybrid-integration technology, which allows the excellent light emission of compound semiconductor devices to be paired with IC functionality. JBD’s AMOLED microdisplays provide a solution for applications in augmented reality and other projection formats.

Filmed at the I-Zone demo and prototype area at SID Display Week, the world’s largest and best exhibition for electronic information display technology.