Fluxim Phelos benchtop R&D instrument measures electroluminescence spectrum in all angles

Posted by – June 17, 2018

High performance long lifetime emitting materials are essential to the success of OLEDs and quantum-dots (QDs), the summit of today’s display technology. The Swiss company Fluxim introduces Phelos, a benchtop R&D instrument that determines the position and orientation of emitters inside a working OLED stack or QD down-conversion film which are key optimization parameters. Phelos measures the electroluminescence spectrum in all emission and polarization angles. Furthermore, the instrument can be transformed into a photoluminescence spectrometer, unleashing the full advantage of angular luminescence analysis. An integrated optical model based on Fluxim’s simulation software Setfos with fitting algorithm provides a fast and accurate extraction of the emission zone and emitter molecule orientation. The new instrument Phelos complements Fluxim’s portfolio of R&D tools including the opto-electronic simulator Setfos, the electro-thermal simulator Laoss and the all-in-one instrument Paios, all designed to tackle challenges in the display and emerging PV industry. Fluxim founder Beat Ruhstaller demonstrated Phelos and the other R&D tools at the I-ZONE at SID Display Week 2018.

Collection of Fluxim speeches are at: http://fluxim.com/videos