Tim Renner, SPD candidate interview (German Federal elections 2017)

Posted by – September 3, 2017
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I ask him why he thinks Martin Schulz should become the next German chancellor at the September 24th 2017 German Federal Election, Tim renner is a candidate for Bundestag for the constituency of Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

In a member survey of the SPD Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf on 26 February 2017, five candidates competed for the nomination as a direct candidate of the SPD Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf for the Bundestag election 2017. Renner received 223 votes and Ülker Radziwill 211 votes. Renner is ranked 6th in the national list of the SPD.

Tim Renner is a member of the SPD and is a member of the board of the “Cultural Forum of Social Democracy”. In 2009, he advised Chancellor Frank-Walter Steinmeier and took up the idea of ​​a “creative pact” between business, politics and artists. In the following years, Renner developed concepts for network policy, copyright, educational policy, social insurance and cultural policy as part of the creative pact, together with artists, entrepreneurs and SPD politicians. Parts of the concepts of the creative pact entered the SPD government program 2013.

Renner supported the election campaign of the SPD and its chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück in 2013 and called together with him, among other things, “broadband for all”, digital learning freedom and social protection of solo self-employed. In addition, he was responsible for the SPD election campaign (We are) at home.

Berlin State Secretary for Culture (2014-2016)
Under the Governing Mayor of Berlin , Klaus Wowereit, Renner was appointed State Secretary of the State of Berlin on 28 April 2014. Renner is the successor of André Schmitz . Renner was a member of the ministry, among other things, for a better promotion of the free artist scene and an increase in the culture.

In March 2015 it became known that Tim Renner wanted to make the Director of the Tate Gallery of Modern Art , Chris Dercon , the director of the Volksbühne Berlin and the successor of Frank Castorf in 2017.

With the new red-green-green coalition, the cultural center fell to the Left Party. Renner was released from service on 8 December 2016.

Tim Renner (born December 1, 1964 in Berlin ) is a German music producer , journalist and author ; from 2014 to 2016 Berlin Secretary of State for Culture.

In 1986 Renner switched from his activity as a journalist to the music industry. He began his work as an artist & repertoire manager at Polydor , where he headed the newly founded department “Polydor Progressive Music” from 1989 onwards. He headed the Polygram-Sub-Label Motor Music Ltd. , founded in 1994 . When the parent company Polygram merged Universal with Universal Music Deutschland in 1998, Renner became Managing Director at the beginning of 2001. In 2003 he was named “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum .

In 2004, Tim Renner left Universal Music and wrote with children. Death is not so bad as a book about his personal assessment of the future of the media industry. Renner built the Motor Entertainment group of companies, which included a music publishing house with a bookable label ( Motor Music ) and a booking agency for the tour business (Motor Tours, in the joint venture with Four Artist) and management (eg for Polarkreis 18 ). Until August 2011, Renner was also a shareholder of the Radiosenders Motor FM. Since his renaming in FluxFM as a result of a shareholder race Renner is no longer involved in the channel.

Tim Renner is a long-term lecturer in the music business of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg , where he was appointed professor in 2009. The university justified the nomination by saying that Renner was one of the “most prestigious personalities in the music industry” and “innovative leader of the music industry”.

In 2011, the book Digital is better , which he wrote with his two-year-old brother, the media journalist Kai-Hinrich Renner. Since 2011, Renner and Motor Entertainment have also appeared as co-producers of the monthly television broadcast Berlin Live at ZDFkultur . 2012-2013 he hosted in Bremen Vier own radio show called Radio Renner . In 2013, his book appeared We had sex in the rubble and dreamed: The truth about the pop industry about the success factors of the music industry.