Paul Peng, AUO CEO Keynote at SID Display Week

Posted by – August 12, 2017

Chairman and CEO of AU Optronics Corp., Hsinchu, Taiwan, this is the Keynote by Mr. Paul Peng entitled “The Warring States Era of Display Technologies”. Over the past two decades, TFT-LCD has been the most dominant flat panel display technology among other technologies such as PDP, FED and OLED displays. With strong competitive advantages and ongoing technology enhancements, TFT-LCD continues to make breakthroughs, providing timely solutions and affordable luxury performance for fast-emerging display applications. In the warring states era of display technologies, will TFT-LCD continue to evolve and sustain its continuing dominance in the next decade? Pau Peng’s Current Positions is to be Chairman and CEO of AU Optronics Corp. (AUO), Chairman of Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), Chairman of Taiwan TFT LCD Association (TTLA), Executive Director of Taipei Computer Association (TCA). His Previous Experiences include President of AU Optronics Corp., President of AUO’s Display Business Operation, Executive VP of AUO’s Global Business Unit, General Manager of AUO’s IT Display Business Group, General Manager of AUO’s Suzhou module plant, the Company’s first overseas manufacturing facility, Vice President of AUO’s Supply Chain Management, Head of the Material and Production Department at BenQ’s plant in Malaysia. You can also watch my video filmed at the AUO Booth at SID Display Week 2017 featuring foldable AMOLED, comformed displays, fast response time, small bezel displays and more.