Instrumental helps find and fix issues on manufacturing lines

Posted by – November 23, 2016

Instrumental is modernizing manufacturing, enabling customers to continuously improve their parts, processes, and products. Founded by two ex-Apple engineers, Anna Shedletsky and Samuel Weiss, Instrumental cuts inefficiencies in the hardware development and production process by capturing data that is normally lost and using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to extract useful information that can be used to improve parts, products, and processes. In this video, they demonstrate an Instrumental inspection system. It takes high resolution images at key states of product assembly, and enables engineers to inspect and take geometric measurements on those units minutes or weeks later. Instrumental customers have used the system to discover issues they didn’t know they had, and to quickly get to root cause, saving significant time and money during development and production. Customers have also tracked product quality, driven yield improvements, and set specifications remotely using Instrumental’s software. Their current customer base spans hardware, apparel, and top-tier manufacturers. Check out a customer case study to learn more about how Instrumental can support your development efforts, or visit them at

This video was filmed at IDTechEx USA 2016