CDT printed flexible OLED (low-cost)

Posted by – November 22, 2016

Cambridge Display Technology Limited is developing printed low-cost flexible OLEDs that can offer low power, bespoke colours and long lifetime in everyday applications (read more: The resulting OLEDs are thin and lightweight, with distributed icons over large areas achieving performances suitable for a wide range of consumer products, with demonstrated compatibility with touch sensor and NFC technologies. CDT is able to make RGBW OLEDs at less than 5V operating voltage. Low power requirements has enabled remote powering of OLEDs by NFC, and they are currently exploring ways to integrate into products with partner companies. The OLEDs are thin (less than0.3mm), lightweight and flexible, with long lifetimes. CDT is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical and our 100-strong interdisciplinary team has world-class expertise in physics, chemistry, engineering, microelectronics, materials and life sciences. CDT scientists work on a range of topics from fundamental understanding to optimising materials and devices for market applications. Current research themes include Organic Electronics, Energy Harvesting & Storage, Opto-Electronic Detection, Biosensors and OLED Displays and Lighting.