Spirent Communications IoT Enablement with full product life cycle

Posted by – October 30, 2016

Spirent Communications offers end to end IoT Enablement solution which facilitates full product life cycle, from development to certification testing to global deployment, service assurance. Monitoring and analytics. In the Spirent IoT demonstration at ARM TechCon, Spirent presents two key elements of their offering. First, the IoT Device Framework, which is a software SDK for developers supporting multiple IoT protocols under the same set of common APIs, so developers don’t need to worry about details of the particular protocols. The IoT Device Framework can be used for building both sensors and gateways and offers extended capabilities for security, event aggregation, analytics and more; it also integrates seamlessly with ARM Mbed OS. Second part of the demonstration is showing so called eSIM capabilities. eSIM was recently approved by GSMA as a solution for global deployment of IoT products, allowing subscription and device management across multiple global service providers without the need to change the actual SIM every time the service provider is changed. To demonstrate Spirent IoT Device Framework capabilities, Spirent implements a globally connected parking lot, utilizing IoT device framework on the parking sensors and the gateway, with Gateway connected to the LTE network with eSIM and switched at run time between multiple service providers. The demo utilizes LwM2M, MQTT and Dweet protocols.