$12 Air Mouse MeLE F10 Lite, QWERTY keyboard 2.4Ghz wireless Gyro IR on Triple-A batteries

Posted by – July 22, 2015

MeLE is famous for designing and making the best Air Mouses out of the Shenzhen market, the MeLE F10 Deluxe is perhaps the most popular 2.4Ghz air mouse with Li-battery. Now MeLE have a new lower cost version MeLE F10 Lite that uses Triple-A batteries instead. It can work as a remote, wireless mouse, QWERTY keyboard, it supports Linux, Android, Windows and Mac OSX and does not need drivers. With IR learning function, it also can used as an universal remote. It also includes a laser pointer. The Price is $12 for orders above 2K. The F10 Lite is already for sale at http://www.aliexpress.com/MeLE F10 Lite

You can contact MeLE here:
Mason Tong, Sales Director
Mobile: +86-132 6816 6362
Isaac Long, Sales Manager, Brand Developement for oversea market
Mobile: +86 186 7551 2024
Skype: isaac_520320
Leo Owyang, Account Manager, OEM & ODM brand for oversea market
Mobile: +86 159 8952 0320
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