Monster GO DJ, portable DJ controller and music production studio

Posted by – September 26, 2014

With Monster GO DJ, DJs and music producers are now able to play and record music virtually anywhere as long as they have headphones or speakers. DJs can cue, loop, beatmatch, scratch, and mix music accordingly. Producers can create beats using the drum pad machine, step sequencer, and recording functions. GO DJ comes with 4GB of internal storage but is capable of holding up to 2TB of music. It has a 12 hour battery life with a lithium ion battery. GO DJ is for outdoor events, house parties, and also serves as a great backup controller. Although GO DJ doesn’t necessarily replace current DJ controllers, it can serve as a great complimentary device to your setup. GO DJ is a completely standalone device. No laptop is necessary for GO DJ to be played. All your music is stored in the drive or though SD card. GO DJ also has a high resolution audio player which is capable of dual playback and recording as well. GO DJ supports WAV and MP3 files of 192kHz / 24 bit sound.