MentorCloud, global mentoring platform wants to impact 100 million people worldwide

Posted by – September 24, 2014
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MentorCloud connects Mentors with Mentees, as everyone had mentors both in personal and professional lives and many are mentors for others. A mentor can help steer you in the right direction, the fastest way with best results, call them guru, call them coach, mentors play a huge role in our lives. But we can’t leave mentoring to chance, it does not happen automatically, where do mentee’s in an organization go to find mentors? MentorCloud provides these answers to their customers worldwide. They connect employees and entrepreneurs with relevant subject matter experts and mentors anywhere with the organization they belong to or externally on MentorCloud’s pre-qualified global network. Their vision is “Mentoring Beyond Borders” and they are achieving their vision by servicing customers like Stanford University GSB (alumni and academia), TiE Silicon Valley (entrepreneurs), LandOLakes (farmer to farmer mentoring), NAWBO (Women Business Owners), Yunus& Youth, SABLE Accelerator (SA), GSI Accelerator (Portuguese speaking countries), TrepCamp in Mexico and several more.

I think that the concept of MentorCloud has a huge potential to impact many people across all industries and countries because if they can make the mentoring process easy to implement and sustain between people with skills and knowledge and the people who seek help and guidance to improve their skills and knowledge.

Potential benefits to organizations include:
– Improve retention and engagement by giving employees access to the right experts and resources to develop themselves to their full potential
– Identify high-potentials for leadership planning and talent mobility
– Enhance productivity by allowing cross-functional collaboration in a way that cuts across hierarchies and organizational silos
– Faster on-boarding of new hires
– Accelerate skills development with in-context learning from mentors
– Unleash collective wisdom of your employees by allowing them to freely generate and co-create new ideas and initiatives
– Capture wisdom of experienced executives, retiring or those leaving voluntarily.

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