1080p MT6589T 5″ $199 and 6.5″ $238 high-end MediaTek phones out of Shenzhen

Posted by – September 2, 2013

Here are the two highest-end MediaTek phones I could find, on the fastest MediaTek MT6589T quad-core “turbo” MediaTek platform. Both have 1080p resolution screens (perhaps from LG) run from the MT6589T processor. One U650 a 6.5″ screen and the P5005 has a 5″ IPS screen. The price of the P5005 is 199 USD retail in China. The price of U650 is 238 USD. The U650 also has 2gb ram option and 32gb storage option. Both devices feature removable batteries and Dual 3G+ SIM Card slots.