Rockchip launches multi-window Android user interface

Posted by – July 19, 2013
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Rockchip is launching their customized multi-window UI option for Rockchip devices based on Android 4.2.2. This custom UI option is provided for free for all makers of Rockchip based Android 4.2.2 devices. And this is just their first release of this special multi-window UI, if there is a lot of demand for it they will improve it and optimize it further. Rockchip uses graphics and hardware acceleration to optimize this multi-window UI.

What do you think about this custom UI? How does it compare with some previous Android custom UIs for multi-windowing by Samsung, LG and others? Do you think Google is going to release something like this in Android 4.3 or Android 5? I think there is a need to improve productivity and to improve the ways to use multi-tasking on Android, and some types of multi-windowing like this custom UI may be useful, but I think it may be important for these advanced UI features to not add bloat nor slow down the Android UI and they should I think only appear as an option for advanced users and for advanced usage. As ARM Processors performance increases, and number of cores increase, being able to do these types of simultaneous multi-tasking user interfaces may be the best or only way to really use the performance that is available with these new ARM processors on Android.

The Rockchip device maker CHUWI already has released a device with this new multi-window UI pre-installed and activated by default, here is their press release:

CHUWI V88V88S update to Android window operate system

CHUWI V88/V88S update to Android window operate system

On 15th,July,CHUWI declared all CHUWI products will be updated to Android window operate system. The first updated main models will be V88 and V88S which with 7.9” screen.



It’s know that the Android window system is aim at Tablets system update version which with Android 4.2.2,which released by Google fleshly. New update version, on the condition that remain the Android 4.2.2 system original situation, also, after updating, allow users make with similar like Windows operation. The details are as follows:

1. Support foreground multi-task and multi-windows operate at the same time
After new Android window update, it can operate with multi-task and multi-windows in the foreground. For example, when you surf the internet, you can play game, and also can operate with other procedure. Like Sumsung Note which with multi-windows, actually, it cannot operate multi-task, when you operate one procedure, then the other procedure will stop. However, CHUWI new update window system can truly reach operate synchronously.

2.All direction and multi-window gesture operation
In the newest update Google window system, user can make the window narrow or magnify at random by two point or three point slid experience. Android system can like the windows tablet, has multi-window operation.

3.One key with multi-task and multi-windows
With new Android windows operation system, when change the multi-windows type, add more change type, also, add the soft key for “ multi-task system key”

4.One key, split screen
All though the Android 4.2.2 already add many new functions on the pull-down shortcut menu, but for the update of new Android windows system, it bring us the direct changing – Support custom fast starting procedure and reach to one key, split screen.

5.Gesture capacity screenshot
Allow the user screenshot for any area in tablets based on his gesture, and put the pictures in the shear plate, (the third party can use this screenshot data by the API). Any creation, bulletin, all can be finished efficiently.

The earlier update CHUWI V88/V88S is very popular by User for the super-long standby, standard Bluetooth, magnetic technology, etc. Especially the 8 hours super-long standby, already as the most advantage to beat the other competitor. After the releasing of V88 and V88S, faster, it becomes the superstar product, edit instruction product in June and July. It will be more attractive after this time up date.

It knows that the newest firmware of V88/V88S will be released in the very quite near future, also contain the RK3188 SDK2.0 update. All of CHUWI products were updated to Android 4.2.2, the next all-side update windows system is on the way.

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