Resuming uploads on after my father’s funeral

Posted by – July 17, 2013
Category: Exclusive videos

It’s been more than a month now that I have been trying to dry the house in Switzerland that my father inundated when he died in the shower without having a house insurance. I’ve been scraping off floor carpets and doing some of all the stuff that needs to be done. I’m now taking a little break from that here on the Kos island in Greece, where I am now going to spend time on the beach Wi-Fi and my 3G sim card to publish hundreds of videos that I’ve filmed last month in Asia. I plan to soon start automatically publishing a new video on every 12 hours, if I can find an easy way to queue publishing up automatically. I also plan to launch some new services for distributors of smart devices worldwide, so check back for that. I would like to hire a young student type enthusiast of my video-blogging to help me with the writing of long relevant titles, descriptions and to help me manage my video publishing queue on YouTube and on my Blog. Let me know if you may be interested.

The whole night of the 1st of April 2013, during the last time that I saw my father (March 29th to April 8th), me and my father watched these YouTube videos (here embedded as a 45-video playlist) during the whole night. Read more about how I watched those YouTube videos with my father at: