Mele Founders talk Mele Company History (making the Aigo hard drive based PMPs, Sigma Designs, Realtek and now ARM Android Set-top-boxes)

Posted by – April 30, 2013

Here’s an interview with Nico Zhao (President) and Brian Xia (CEO), the co-founders of Shenzhen MELE Digital Technology Ltd. They talk about how they started Mele making ARM7 and embedded Linux in hard drive based portable media players for the Aigo brand in 2004, after 2006/2007, Mele enabled the Realtek MIPS based Set-top-box market by adopting that Realtek processor for the multimedia player box (switching from Sigma Designs) and then how they’ve shifted to using ARM processors in the last year or two to run Android on their latest series of TV Set-top-boxes and bringing a whole range of new features with that.

Mele contact:

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SKYPE: apvell091
Mobile: +86 1501 3777 080