Mele Factory Tour

Posted by – April 29, 2013

Mele is probably one of the worlds biggest ARM Powered Android Set-top-box makers in the world. They manufacture up to 500 thousand Android ARM Set-top-boxes per month. On this Mele factory tour, 8 floors, 10 thousand square meters, One floor is for Management, one floor is for R&D the other floors are for the Factory. This tour shows the SMT lines that are gearing up to mass produce Allwinner A31, A20 PCBs that go in Mele’s next generation Android Set-top-boxes. The next floor tour features the factory assembly lines, where the Mele factory workers are assembling the latest Mele Android set-top-boxes. Finally, this tour also shows Mele’s storage area for packed Set-top-boxes to ship as well as storage area for components before assembly.

Mele contact:

Sales Manager
SKYPE: apvell091
Mobile: +86 1501 3777 080