I’m looking for help to write good titles/descriptions on videos

Posted by – April 12, 2013
Category: Opinions

So I just filmed 40 video in one day, the Hong Kong fairs are totally awesome thus far. But with all those videos that I film during the day, I don’t have much time left to do following:

1. re-watch what I filmed during the day

2. listen carefully to company names, product names, processors, and prices if mentionned and ther technical details to include those things in the titles and descriptions before publishing each video.

Writing good titles and descriptions on all my videos takes as much time as filming the actual videos.

So I am looking for volunteers here among you who would be willing to be the first to watch my videos as unlisted yet un-published videos without titles and descriptions and then if possible post me back a good title an description that I can use on each video following these guidelines for how I usually title videos:

1. [price of main most interesting product if price is mentioned] [processor used] [device type tablet/phone] [evt other special feature] by [company name]

description usually goes something like this:

2. Company name [URL of company website if can be found or/and is mentioned/showed in video] releases blah blah that does blah blah etc. If possible the description can be very detailed going through all the things talked about in the video. But it can also just be 1 or two sentences to be good enough.

3. If possible some relevant tags would also be nice, but otherwise I can use the same tags for all the videos filmed at the same conference.

Please apply for membership to the ARMdevices Unlisted mailing list if you would like to help me with this work and I can add you to the mailing list where I’d post each of the unlisted videos as soon as they are uploaded. You can then reply in the thread when you’ve got a title/description that can be used. I can maybe also pay you something per post, if you want money over paypal, especially if the titles/descriptions can get to be much better and significantly improves people’s experience and the searchability of the videos.

It’d be nice if Google could use voice recognition and automatically write good summaries for the titles and descriptions for all the videos. But for now Google doesn’t seem to be able to do this.

If someone can help me with this, perhaps I can get time to video-blog 20-30% more videos and perhaps also I can get time to get a bit of sleep between each video-blogging days, which would be nice especially during these days where I’d like to try to get through video-blogging at hundreds of Chinese companies preferably interestingly.

In any ways, my Hong Kong hotel internet upload speed is terribly slow right now. I read online that people in Hong Kong can get 1000mbit Fiber to the home, but I can barely get a bit over 1mbit/s upload speed here from my hotel. So it may get difficult for me to upload 15-20GB of videos each day. I’ll try to get a fast upload tomorrow at the HKTDC Fair, hopefully it’ll be possible to then upload during the day while I video-blog. Another reason for it being nice with some help from you helping me to get good titles and descriptions written.