The 10 HKTDC videos on my corrupted/broken SD card have been recovered! Posting them soon

Posted by – April 16, 2012
Category: Other

Good news: all my 10+ video files have been recovered by a hacker expert on the 3rd floor of the Wan Chai computer market in Hong Kong (hkd$1600), he says they used a lab to open up the SD card and do some type of operation on the card, about an hour later they had all the files ready to be transfered back to my storage. Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions in this and this thread for how I could have maybe done it myself!

I’m not using 32GB class10 Patriot SDHC cards bought in Fry’s Electronics again, and I am going to look at upgrading to a newer camcorder with a function to record to 2 SDXC cards at the same time.