Megan and Camille’s technology show, showing Desktop Android features on the external monitor using MHL

Posted by – March 12, 2012

Here’s a video by two young MHL experts. 50 million MHL devices were shipped in 2011 according to One of the most important improvements in Android that I am looking forward to is the increase of Desktop features on Android (also demonstrated in this video: Using a Mobile Device as a Desktop Computer and Part 2: Using an Android Device as a Desktop). The usability being improved when Android is being used on a Monitor or HDTV using the MHL output of some of the latest modern phones having the latest fastest Dual-core and Quad-core ARM Processors.

The point is that the latest smartphone processors with MHL output to a monitor or TV and a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and some of the latest Android user interface features such as Chrome for Android on Ice Cream Sandwich should provide for as smooth a Desktop experience as using an Intel Atom netbook!