Awesome Huawei Horse sculpture at Mobile World Congress 2012, made of phones

Posted by – March 6, 2012

One of the most impressive sights at the Mobile World Congress was for sure the insanely awesome Huawei Horse, made of hundreds, maybe thousands of real Huawei smartphones (my guess, probably just some bad yields thus recycled for art). The statement I think is that Huawei is now ready to take over the market. They mean business. They are serious about it. They claim to have the fastest Smartphone and Tablet on the market, and they also cover all ranges all the way down to the cheapest lowest end most affordable Smartphone. My take is we all need to pay attention to Huawei. In any ways, this Huawei Horse is awesome. It was an awesome sight during the nights of the MWC, imagine an awesome DJ up high in front of the columns, the castle at the top of the mountain, awesome house music, acrobats, and cool lights lighting up this Huawei Horse, mobile industry insiders networking in front of that. This is awesome.