Best CES 2012 videos to be posted during the next 7 days here on

Posted by – January 8, 2012

Check back here on and on my Google+ page during the next 7 days for up to 100 videos that I will post of the best ARM Powered devices to be shown at the trade show. I will also amazingly try to live stream during the whole event using a camera on my head and using the headmounted Motorola Kopin Golden-i computer to see an IRC chat room where you can participate and tell me where to go, what to film and what to ask people in each interview. I look forward to your real-time professional expert suggestions for what I should include in my videos, I call it augmented video-blogging. Follow, subscribe to my RSS feed for the info on where and how to see my live CES video show and participate in the live chat. Please post here in the comments if you have any requests for companies and devices that you think that I should cover. You can email me tips for CES at and call me at my new US phone number: +1 (702) 6376318