E Ink is giving away E Ink watches (US residents only)

Posted by – November 18, 2011
Category: Displays, Other

E Ink is giving away 4 E Ink wrist watches worth $195 every Tuesday until the 13th of December on their Facebook page. All you have to do is “Like” the E-Ink page on Facebook and enter your name, email and click to let it grab your Facebook contact info. E-Ink wrist watches are pretty awesome, I got mine since June 2010 that I wear every day, I only had to install the batteries once in the beginning and it’s still running on the same small wrist watch battery. It’s nice to be able to change the design of your wrist watch, have it display the date and all in a very sunlight readable way. It’s just cool to know you’ve got an E Ink e-reader type screen on your watch. Check out this video where I show my E Ink wristwatch:

Here is more information about the $195 Phosphor E Ink watch that you can win on the E Ink facebook page: http://www.phosphorwatches.com/E-Ink-Digital-Hour-Clock-Watch-Stainless-Steel-p/70510565280.htm

A couple video reviews of that watch: 1 2