ARM Cortex-A15 processor 20nm tape out, it works!

Posted by – October 26, 2011

Yes this is it, this is the next generation ARM Processor. The ARM Cortex-A15 processor is already being taped out. That means they are able to make the processor. In the next steps they tweak more things, it’ll take a few more months for fully configured ARM Cortex-A15 SoCs to be showcased and another few more months for those to reach products that can be sold to consumers on the market. The performance is huge. At the same clock speed the Cortex-A15 is said to be at least 50% faster than ARM Cortex-A9, but it can be made to run at much higher frequency, all the while using less power. This prototype does not include any GPU, it’s just an unoptimized ARM demo running some non-GPU Android. Look forward to my interviews to be posted during the next days with the ARM representatives talking about the features of this processor.