Monkeys in the Kaohsiung Shoushan Monkey Mountain

Posted by – June 8, 2011

Taiwan Wilderness, check it out. Here I walk around for some hours in the Monkey Mountain (Shoushan) in Kaohsiung, a big city at the south of Taiwan. The monkeys are used to humans walking around in their jungle so they don’t mind saying hello, even protective mother monkeys with their baby monkeys as you can see in this video.

Shoushan is the one of the mountains where Kaohsiung residents can see natural biological specimens within an hour of drive. There is an extensive system of boardwalk hiking trails that circle the mountain. Hikers can enjoy tea at various tea stations sprinkled throughout the trails. Water is carried to the tea stations by hikers who bring it from a reverse osmosis station at the bottom. From the tea station at the top of the mountain, hikers can see views of the Taiwan Strait through the trees.

The mountain is a reserve for Formosan rock macaques.