30 more MWC videos to be uploaded starting tonight

Posted by – February 18, 2011
Category: Opinions, MWC

The Mobile World Congress press center closed 4PM on last day of the show (yesterday), and closed 7PM on each show day, making it nearly impossible for me to upload all my videos during the show, as I was constantly filming interviews and product demos from 8AM to 6PM each day, when show floor closes. I wish conferences like MWC would consider closing their press rooms, media centers at much later time, why not keep those open until 10PM or even later. I met many other video-bloggers complaining very harshly about them not being able to publish their videos during the show. We can’t find any fast upload speeds at hotels or any other place around Barcelona, and it’s the same in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, Hannover, conference organizers need to understand videos require a lot of upload bandwidth and that can only be found at press rooms, and thus they need to spend a 50€ or whatever is necessary to pay a security guard to keep that media room open until much later. Otherwise, the conference simply isn’t getting half as much video coverage published to the web as it could be getting. Conference organizers have to consider we video-blog in HD, and HD video files can be very large and thus require 10mbit/s or faster upload speeds for it to be workable. I met many other video-bloggers at MWC who simply gave up even trying to get their videos uploaded during the show. What is the point in organizing a conference if video-bloggers don’t have time to upload the videos with all the informations and news from all the exhibitors of the conference?

Except from the unfortunate early closing media center, this Mobile World Congress was probably one of the most awesome, most action packed conferences that I have ever video-blogged since I started video-blogging at CeBIT 2004. Look forward to many more videos to be posted here starting tonight.