Seagate presents GoFlex hard drive with USM (Universal Storage Module) connector

Posted by – January 14, 2011

The Sata-IO committee launched the new Universal Storage Module open standard at CES 2011, it’s a standardized Sata connector slow for devices like desktops, even laptops, media players and TVs to allow for full speed data transfers and one standard for the shape of 2.5″ removable hard drives. This GoFlex design from Seagate allows support for USB 2, USB 3, Firewire and any future connector that might come out, yet maxing out data transfer speed at the speed of Sata and of the spinning hard drive that comes inside. This video also features some description of Seagate’s Mementus XT hybrid hard drive product that speeds up OSes that can benefit from faster Flash based load times in combination with cheaper larger hard drive storage.