My Top-12 videos filmed at the ARM Techcon 2010

Posted by – November 19, 2010

I had a lot of fun video-blogging 30 videos from the ARM Technology Conference in Santa Clara California from November 9th to November 11th. Because it can be a lot of work for you to navigate through all these videos, here is my list of top-12 videos that I filmed during this event. If you have other favorites, please post them in the comments.

1. Simon Segars, Executive VP and General Manager ARM Physical IP Division, interview with one of the board members of ARM, I try to ask some questions about how the company was founded and where the industry is going.

2. Marvell Armada XP Quad-core ARM Powered Servers, here’s an insight into how ARM Powered servers could power most of the cloud much more efficiently.

3. Gary Smith EDA on the future of Chip Design, an insight into software development, chip design, ARM, EDA and how the industry works.

4. ARM Mali-T604, the next generation GPU for ARM Powered devices, this is the big announcement from ARM during the conference. It’s the next generation GPU to go with the next-generation ARM Cortex-A15 processor, designs becoming available next year, and it takes at least a year or two for chip makers to implement those next-generation designs.

5. Linaro Graphics Group, an interview about how graphics acceleration is important in the open source Linux for ARM developments. I also interviewed George Grey the Linaro CEO.

6. John Bruggeman of Cadence on EDA360, some interesting talk about how the industry needs to collaborate on some points to better innovate on other points more efficiently.

7. Nufront ARM Cortex-A9 can run at 2Ghz for Desktop and Laptop usage, this Chinese chip maker is preparing upward 2Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 processor to power Desktops, Laptops, Thin Clients. They want the price to be below $200 to the end consumer, this is awesome.

8. PandaBoard, Texas Instruments ARM Cortex-A9, a first look at the next-generation Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor in the development kit. Will full speed web browsing be optimized using Neon acceleration and other hardware acceleration?

9. Nvidia Tegra2 ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core performance for web browsing, it’s interesting to see how the second core in ARM Cortex-A9 chips allow for faster web browsing in Android.

10. Samsung Orion ARM Cortex-A9 and Mali-400 shown for the first time, so far my most popular video from the conference. This chip will probably power the next generation Samsung Galaxy S/Tab devices, including also possibly Samsung’s Google TV and some of Samsung’s future laptop and netbook products. I also filmed some 3D games demonstrated running on this Orion processor.

11. ST Ericsson U8500 ARM Cortex-A9, they are also doing some interesting implementation of ARM Cortex-A9, presenting their demo with Meego developed in combination with the help from the Linaro project.

12. Freescale Kinetis Tower System now sampling, the Freescale Tower Systems look to be some fun development kits.