ARM Powered Google TV coming

Posted by – November 19, 2010

I already guessed it (2, 3, 4), logically, Google is working with ARM to prepare the ARM Powered Google TV boxes to come probably around early next year, by the same time Google TV OS is open sourced. This will allow for cheaper Google TV, probably down towards the $99 price point, depending on some versions of Google TV excluding the HDMI input and IR Blasters features. Here are my guesses for what good value ARM Powered Google TV should be sold at early next year:

Google TV on ARM Cortex-A9, full 1080p playback support, including high bitrates, high profile, h264 in MKV and other containers.

Output only version: $99

Input/Output + IR version: $149

“We are talking to Google, but we have nothing to announce right now,” said Tudor Brown, president of ARM, at a technology conference in Taipei on Thursday.

Brown said ARM’s latest processors are less expensive and require less power than Intel’s Atom processor. “If Google TV is to be mainstream, it must be built on a lower power system, …on lower cost technology,” he said.

This way, all HDTV’s shipping with ARM Cortex-A9 will be able to include the full Google TV features for just the additional cost of $25 or a bit more for making each HDTV Smart as Marvell’s CEO Dr. Sehat Sutardja explained in his keynote from ARM Techcon.

Source: IDG News PC World
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