Super AMOLED 7″ to come next year

Posted by – November 3, 2010
Category: Displays, Samsung

Samsung will show the Super AMOLED screen in 2 weeks at the FPD-International exhibition in Japan, but production won’t start before middle of next year when Samsung’s upcoming new Super AMOLED factory is ready to produce larger amounts of these new screens.

Super AMOLED is pretty awesome screen quality, though by then, I would like to also see 4″, 5″, 7″, 10″, 11″, 13″ Pixel Qi LCDs in all tablets, laptops, turning them all into perfect e-readers for outdoor use and with battery runtime upwards 50 hours.

The big question is how much more expensive is Super AMOLED compared to LCD and how much difference in price will it have next year? If people keep buying $500 devices next year, then Samsung can use Super AMOLED and absorb the price difference as a differentiator as those prices are so high. But if $100 Android tablets are common by then, then possibly there won’t be enough demand to justify a 7″ Super AMOLED screen if the manufacturing price is more than double the price of good capacitive Pixel Qi LCD screens.