Samsung sells 5 million Galaxy S smartphones in 4 months, on its way to overtake Apple

Posted by – October 5, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S vs. Apple iPhone 3GS
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Samsung already sold 5 million Galaxy S Android smart phones since its June 1st release. Only 4 months since Galaxy S release, and with the imminent release of cheaper Android smartphones such as the Samsung Intercept, the daily rate at which Samsung is selling Android phones may soon overtake Apple’s iPhone. I believe it could be possible that Samsung will be selling more Android smartphones per day than Apple will be selling of iPhones by the end of this year.

One month ago, Samsung’s official smartphone sales target is 25 million units for this year. Apple sold 25.1 million iphones in 2009.

This also means that Samsung has been pretty good at managing its initial manufacturing of the very amazing 4″ Super AMOLED screens in the lead up to the launch of its larger Super AMOLED factory by July of next year. At which point Super AMOLED will be made available to more smartphone manufacturers, maybe outputting as much as 30 million Super AMOLED screens per month.

Samsung Mobile Display plans to spend 2.5 trillion South Korean won (US$2.1 billion) to set up the next-generation production facility. The plant, situated in Tang Jung in the southern part of Seoul, primarily will be used to manufacture three-inch panels used for mobile phones.

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