Sharp announces 5.5″ and 10.8″ Android Tablets as e-readers

Posted by – September 27, 2010
Category: Tablets, Android

Sharp previously released the Interesting PC-Z1 mini Ubuntu laptop, the PC-T1 same Ubuntu but in Tablet form factor and the IS01 Android form factor, all mainly released only on the Japanese market. Now Sharp is announcing their custom high pixel density screens on their new 5.5″ 1,024×600 and 10.8″ 1,366×800 Android tablets which they position as e-books. It seems to me though that no matter what back lit LCD resolution is used, a tablet cannot really be used for reading text for hours at a time such as e-books as people do comfortably using e-ink. Sharp should I think manufacture Pixel Qi Screens with a back light switch providing fully reflected e-reading experience if they really want to call those e-readers.

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