White Spaces voted “Yes” by FCC

Posted by – September 24, 2010
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This is fantastic news for people looking forward to free wireless broadband worldwide.

I’ve been asking everywhere for years, can this White Spaces network be setup like FON.com, where before we start building it out, we make sure that most of all these new access points comply with one same authentication system, compatible with OpenID and any of the other authentication systems.

This way, everyone would be able to access to every access point everywhere in the world. Instead of using WPA-type encryption like there is on WiFi, which means users can only access to their own access points but can never access WiFi anywhere else in the world unless the access points are left open.

Devices could thus come with auto-ahtentication and thus instantly connect to the Internet.

If a pricing is decided from the access point provider, then a standard for charging can be implemented. Such as $1/GB or less, something like that. So you login with your OpenID and you click “OK” to pay whichever rate/GB the current access point provider might be charging. And get an overview of eventual alternative networks that are also available in the area and their prices.

A counter in the top right corner of Android should display how much credit I have and how much I am using at any time. Credit would be pre-paid and could be earned by sharing ones home ADSL/Cable/Fibre connection with the neighborhood!

This way, if an access point can be built for the same price as a WiFi hotspot, then the whole world could be covered with free interoperable Super WiFi in the matter of months and for very small investment cost.

Found via: techmeme.com